Tony Nguyen

Co-Founder & Coach

Originally, my goal was to become a physician. I have always been driven to help people progress towards health. Working as a project manager partnering with physicians nationwide, I quickly became disillusioned with what it means to help people be healthy. Too often, patients checked in after decades of poor lifestyle choices. In these cases, it was simply too late to reverse their chronic conditions. This led me to a new objective: to generate strength and resiliency as a preventative measure against disease.

The idea of resiliency has driven me to extreme fitness events and drives me to break many limitations I previously imposed on myself. My philosophy is that the power of a perseverant mind can accomplish anything. This was proven to me when I attended a SealFit 20X event in July 2021, a 12-hour non-stop physical event conducted by Navy SEALs. As someone who was nearly sixty pounds overweight and recovering from a motor vehicle accident one month prior, I had convinced myself that completing such a challenge would be impossible. After thirty minutes, my body reached its breaking point. Refusing to quit was an active battle with myself, one that only ended when I was “secured” about 11.5 hours later.

The discovery I made in that moment is indescribable: the power of mental fortitude and what one can achieve when they are willing to devote themselves to the process and reap the rewards. I seek to inspire this feeling in countless others.