David Timm

CEO, Co-Founder & Coach

My journey with health and fitness started in high school, when I decided I wanted to join the military but needed to lose 30 pounds to meet the weight requirements. I was able to drop 50 pounds in two months which spiked my interest in learning how to start making better choices. I became obsessed with exercise and what it can do for a person, not only physically but also mentally.

While in the Air Force, I started CrossFit with a group of friends who were looking for exercise programming that would complement all sports. We found that the workouts were fast yet effective. After lifting weights conventionally for seven years, I was already a good athlete. But after just one short month, my friends and I began to realize what it meant to be in the best shape of our lives. Every year I am still able to say I am in the best shape of my life – it just keeps working without ever hitting a plateau. A few years ago, I decided to broaden my scope of training and became a triathlete. I have also done Navy SEAL training as well as other extreme endurance activities, to make me stronger physically and mentally.

This passion expands to additional personal development in reading and learning how to grow successful businesses. I flourish as a mentor empowering individuals to accomplish their goals and to find greater purpose in life.

I am here to get people to the APEX of their lives and achieve things they never thought possible.