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Why Credence APEX Is Ranked One of the Best Gyms In Rochester, MN Near Mayo Clinic

Why Credence APEX?


Each client signing up for our program has a specific goal in mind (fat loss, muscle gain, performance, etc.). Preparing for an Ironman requires different steps than training for the CrossFit Games, and our coaching reflects that. We provide insight, guidance and support for each of your aspirations. Programming at Credence Apex is tailored to you, and only you.


We are NOT just a gym. We are NOT just a nutrition and supplement shop. We are NOT just a spa and recovery lounge. Rather, we combine the best aspects of each industry in order to optimize your results. Once accepted as a member of Credence Apex, our facility provides all-inclusive access to resources that enable you to become the best version of YOU. Physically, mentally, emotionally, and much more.


At Credence Apex, we work with people who aspire to become the best version of themselves. Our clients are willing to do anything and everything to meet and exceed their goals. Your success is our top priority, whether that’s losing 30 pounds, completing a 50-hour crucible event, becoming a better parent or developing elite leadership skills. But our system works only if you put in the work. For this reason, we seek only the committed. Those who are willing to have their feet held to the fire. Those who refuse to quit on themselves and those around them, no matter the circumstances. Those who recognize that becoming their APEX self is an arduous journey filled with sacrifices and setbacks, but choose to do so anyway.

If you say YES to the above, we invite you to apply to join Credence Apex and our community of high-performing individuals. If you are seeking a $19.99 cookie-cutter workout program to tell your friends you’re keeping up with your New Year’s resolution, we recommend looking elsewhere.

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